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Lemonade Grenade! (2008)

10 trACKS of wackY off-the-top-of-mah-head cRAZY ZaniineSS!

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Super Happy Fail Party


A super fUN crAZY glip glip of aN album rEcorded in the First 8 dAys of FebrUARY by coloraDO solo artisT jAmS cOreY (who recorded YoU WILL BE GONE, you will be FOrgotten for rpm07 but couLdnt recoRd A fRiGGiN rEAL ALBUM thIS yEAR!) witH the HELP of A fEW of his closest friENDS, their crappy coMputer miCS, and e-MAIL!

Jack jAcklin ceasEr RobInton jR. floyd merryweather JorN yOrmigorM fLoRENCE CasSidY McThoMpsON GreG MetroPolis the fronze Chips McCory



Completed Albums

Lemonade Grenade!(2008)

10 trACKS of wackY off-the-top-of-mah-head cRAZY ZaniineSS!

Super Happy Fail Party!
Public Transportation
Hey Mister Robot
Take You To Denny's
Upset Stomach
Pocket Fours
Pump Those Jamz
Rollercoasters & Lemonade
Dipping Donuts In Coffee
The Beginning of Something New